Drum & Bass

We're a Pittsburgh-based crew that djs and promotes drum and bass music.

  • Background

    We've been djing and promoting events
    since May of 2000 at the Bloomfield Bridge Tavern. How did we get there?

    History of our world
  • 1
    Early days of pgh jungle.

    Pittsburgh has a strong history of UK breakbeat music, going back to the early raves promoted by Deadly Buda in the early 90s, but really catching on in the mid-90s with events by Underground Inc., and djs and producers like Dieselboy, 1.8.7., Sine, Ruffian, Soji Fu, Farmer Tea and others. The Steel City Jungle night ran at Club 168 and Laga from 95-98 and solidly established Pittsburgh as a hotbed for jungle music.

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    By the end of Steel City Jungle, a number of the first generation of drum and bass djs had moved out of the city to persue full time careers. There was a void left in the scene. Nick "Bulletproof" Teodori and Jay "Alaska" Chitty spearheaded putting on a new night that they dubbed Balance, which had stints at the old Oakland Beehive and at Zythos (later Z-Lounge). After mixed results, they regrouped along with DJ Bricks, and picked up a Wednesday night at the Bloomfield Bridge Tavern (BBT), calling it FUZE.

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    FUZE & 412DNB

    With the lulled state of the scene, it was pretty clear that everybody who cared about the music would have to come together to make a regular night succeed, and thus 412DNB was formed out of the active djs and diehard fans at the time. The early resident rotation included Alaska, Bagel, Binac, Bricks and Ratana with Absolut, Cutups, Ian Vaughn, MPS, Midas, and NCrawler coming in within the first few years along with support from "Jungle Mike".

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    In the first years, Nick Teodori was the conceptual and graphical leader of the night, and ran with alot of design concepts based on inside jokes, misprints and whims. So the proposal to change the night's name in 2004 from FUZE to FUZZ wasn't entirely surprising. Since then we've added and lost some crew members, but always kept a dedication to Drum & Bass on a solid soundsystem, top notch locals and high calibre guests for a reasonable cover.


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    • Drum & Bass

      Drum & Bass

      Jungle, D&B, Techstep, Liquid Funk

      The sound of firing percussion and deep half-time basslines that grew up in the UK during the 90s to be one of the most influential and diverse dance music sounds of decade.

    • Dubstep


      Grime, UK Garage, Dubstep

      The 140bpm sound that rose out of a mutant melting pot of drum and bass, uk garage and other urban music of london in the late 90s-early 2000s.

    • Drum & Bass


      Reggae, Dancehall, Roots, Dub

      The sounds of jamaican soundsystem culture that are the roots of all of this bass music

    • Development


      Digital Presence

      We stay current with modern web technologies and love to learn & experiment. We excel in responsive website development, content management system (CMS) integration, e-commerce deployment, and a wide variety of web applications.

    • Todd Keebler


      Todd Keebler

      Todd started his DJing career with the Circuit6 tag team duo along with Frankie G, and was one of the youngest djs on the scene for quite a while, pushing the jump-up style. Over the years he's refined and expanded his taste to everything frum d&b to electro, idm, dubstep, garage and trap.

    • ABZ


      Adam Boura

      After many years of playing and producing drum and bass as Adam Bomb, he shifted into the world of dubstep ahead of the curve, writing originals and starting the Savory Audio imprint, and put together some of the first all dubstep nights in town.

    • Cutups


      Geoff Maddock

      Enigmatic crew member known for bringing out the oldschool jungle and ragga amoung a variety of other styles in the D&B family.

    • Depth


      Curtis Porter

      From day one on the scene, Depth has been one of pgh's top technical mixers. Initially known for the techno-influenced neurofunk, he's expanded to include all forms of bass heavy music.

    • Sean Kirby



      A diehard fan of the soulful end of drum and bass.

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We'd Love To See You Out

Pin Icon Bloomfield Bridge Tavern 4412 Liberty Ave
Pittsburgh , PA 15224

Things to Know

Pricing & Timeline

FUZZ takes place every wednesday from 10PM until 2AM. The cover for locals is typically $2, $3-5 for regional headliners and more for major acts. The BBT isstrictly 21+ and you will not get in without proper ID..

What we play

Our focus has always been on Drum and Bass. But we are, and always have been open to other related styles, including but not limited to dubstep, bassline, dancehall, hiphop, downtempo, idm, breakcore etc.

Getting booked

If you are an established act or agent, sent us an email with your upcoming tour schedule at least six weeks in advance. If you are a new or established local dj, please send us a link to your very best mix and or production work and we'll contact you if we have an open date that we'd like to give you a slot on.

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